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COMME des GARCONS x Hermès:COMME des Carrés Scarf Collection

Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons designer has collaborated with Hermes.
Today yet another exciting designer collaboration project has been announced. Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo from COMME des GARCONS, has worked with French luxury brand Hermès on two exclusive limited-edition collections of mythical silk carré scarves. For those of you that love the iconic scarves by the French brand, yet find them most of the time a little too old-school in terms of design, you can probably start getting excited about this new team-up.


Rei Kawakubo Interview

Rei Kawakubo was interviewed by WWD.
She talks about the Spring Summer 2013 collection.
It is a very interesting interview. 

WWD: You often say your mission is to create clothes that never existed. Do you ever feel you are exhausting the possibilities?
Rei Kawakubo:
 “As the weight of experience piles up, it has become increasingly difficult to find yet new ways of thinking and to make new things.”

WWD: Many people become more conservative, less daring, as they get older. How about you?
 “I think the media has some responsibility to bear for people becoming more conservative. Many parts of the media have created the situation where uninteresting fashion can thrive.”

WWD: Are your collections personal—about what you want to wear, or how you are feeling? Where does the impulse come from?
“My intention is not to make clothes. My head would be too restricted if I only thought about making clothes.”

WWD: Was “Crush” any commentary on your flat, two-dimensional fall collection? Or did the idea come from somewhere else?
 “I can honestly never remember clearly what I was thinking about at the time. I was only trying to make something completely new. There is never more meaning than that. I was not thinking about the age of Internet when I was making the fall-winter 2012 collection.”

WWD: Surely it’s not possible to produce a collection like “Crush” by sketching. Do you always drape, always sketch, a combo of the two, or some other approach?
“Yes, you’re right. I made this collection on a table, and worked on the clothes like a sculptor would work on a sculpture. It was all made by hand.”

WWD: If you could have invented one garment, what would it be, and why?
 “I would have liked to invent the plain white shirt, with a skirt and pants to go with it.”

WWD: Fashion today seems to be more about big business and profits than pure creative expression. Do you agree, and if so, how do you feel about it?
 “Yes, it’s true.…And it’s weakening the power of creation. This is the worst of situations.”

WWD: You helped popularize design collaborations. Is it still a stimulating and fruitful path for you?
 “I am always thinking that some interesting possibility, some accidental synergy could occur in a collaboration, and people seem to like it. Even though it is difficult, it is easier for me to make my own things, by myself.”

[via wwd]


Between 1988 and 1991, Comme des Garçons explored the sixth sense through photography, illustration and artworks across eight issues of the unstapled A3 magazine called Six.
Today, Moving Six navigates through selected highlights of the print archive, exploring photography and auditory space through parallax scrolling, puzzles and physical gesture.

Rei Kawakubo’s feature article in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal have compiled article on Rei Kawakubo.

Since she launched her Comme des Garçons (French for “like the boys”) fashion brand 41 years ago, Rei Kawakubo has always played by her own rules. Fascinated by challenging conventional standards of beauty, she’s reconstructed “hybrid” clothes, sewn the left half of a jacket onto the right half of a different jacket and designed asymmetrical dresses made from her own vintage scarves—and that was all just in her last women’s presentation. It’s never just about creating something to wear, but rather expressing an idea.
 The 68-year-old, whose conceptual outlook has inspired everyone from Azzedine Alaïa to John Galliano and who still often clocks 12-hour days, seven days a week, is famous for saying she became a designer “to make a living.” While that may be true, Kawakubo has also immeasurably changed the greater fashion landscape. In the early ’90s, when collaborations were about as likely as getting Linda Evangelista out of bed for less than $10,000, she asked Junya Watanabe to design his own line under the Comme des Garçons label. In 2004, she opened London’s still wildly innovative Dover Street Market. Since then, Tokyo-based Kawakubo has opened 17 stand-alone boutiques, tested mass retail with an H&M collection that caused a near riot in Japan and currently has 120 shops-within-shops around the world. Next March, a seven-story Dover Street Market will open in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district. Naturally, she’s the architect and interior decorator. A woman of puritanical conviction, as evident in her strictly black uniform and severe bob, Kawakubo thinks it’s important for designers to ditch the attitude and just get on with the dog and pony show.

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Collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and Comme des Garcons, perfume “Airborne” was released.
It is sold at Dover Street Market.

・Hussein Chalayan:Wikipedia
・Hussein Chalayan:Website

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7 / 22, opened the GOOD DESIGN SHOP.
So many people came.

The view from outside the store.Located on Omotesando street, visible from outside shops
in the state.

Store is on the second floor of GYRE. Also TRADUNG MUSEUM, located on the same floor.

Into the building, go upstairs and had so many people.
Was filled with many people outside the store.Mr.Kenmei Nagaoka was coming.

Drinks were served. I had a beer. Cute label design. Beer is delicious.
Visitors a drink while everyone was chatting happily.

Flyers were distributed in shops. Products have been introduced
D & DEPARTMENT.Because all products are numbered, easy to understand.

The nicely arranged a selection of various products D & DEPARTMENT.

The various objects are on display.

The package is also cool, which is fine.

The clothing is also on show.

All, only what they want.

GOOD DESIGN SHOP is a new concept store.
The shop will always be popular.